Prayers For Welfare and Peace

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'Prayer' signifies an earnest petition for favors or help. In ordinary parlance, prayer consistently indicates the communication created with God from human beings.

Prayer is a useful tool to look for solace and alternatives once we face hardships and stressed circumstances. It is a time-tested method passed and followed by our ancestors.

You can read blogs to learn 'PRAYER FOR HEALTH – The Train of Life' (also known as 'oracin por la salud – el tren de la vida' in the Spanish language).

Someone could pray to the Almighty from any location or at any moment. But, folks proffer such prayers facing God, at the observable shape as figurines and photographs, or via the area of Nature.

The prior practice is quite common among Hindus and Christians whilst the latter is located among Muslims and Parsis.

Prayers are conducted in various ways based upon the religions and traditions and customs of their multitude. They may be categorized into four main forms as

1) Devotion: chanting of hymns and mantras and singing of god's compliments would be the approaches used here. Hinduism and Christianity utilize this mode due to their own prayers.

2) Confession: Admitting errors and seeking pardon is the gist of this particular prayer. People today visit the temple or mosque or church and then also submit their wrong doings and concede to look for relief from what-they-feel as sins.

3) Gratitude: Expressing thanks or thanks to God is yet another kind of entreaty. A few examples of this sort are: pupils thanking for the high score, even neighborhood hosting a festival to get a fantastic crop, individuals rejoicing after recovering from a critical illness, prayer prior to eating meals, etc.

4) Petition: when something is sought or desirable, prayer is created. This variety often abounds within our lifetimes.

Depending on the purpose, prayers could be either personal or communal. As soon as an individual implores to your needs, it is a private salvation. 

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