Pollution & Professional Exposures For HVAC Contractors

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While HVAC Contractors are conventionally contracting risks, they have become the center of growing contamination related claims over the last several years. HVAC system installation, maintenance, and repair can create pollution conditions such as poor indoor air quality and mold.

The exposures are usually excluded from General Liability policies, so it is necessity for HVAC contractors to have complete coverage that will protect them from potential claims and thus help to make safe the future of their businesses. To know more about long island hvac repair, you can browse the web.

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Contractors Pollution Liability

Contractors Pollution Liability insurance is coverage designed to protect from third party claims for damages caused by "Pollution Conditions" arising from the insured's covered operations. 

•    Coverage is provided for the insured's operations away from their own premises.

•    Base policies can be written on either a Claims Made or an Occurrence basis.

•    Mold coverage is usually offered as an endorsement to the CPL insurance policy or coverage part.

•    Mold is usually on a Claims Made form.

•    Mold coverage may have a sub limit of liability, as well as its own deductible.

Contractors Pollution Liability/E&O

The Contractors Pollution Liability/E&O policy provides coverage to general contractors, construction managers, and various trade contractors who could potentially have both Pollution and Professional claims; 

Actual design work performed

Many firms provide true design services as part of their corporate profile. This can range from doing all of the design work for the project, doing some design work relative to an aspect of the HVAC system. 

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