Pews and Comfort

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Church pew cushions

The degree of comfort from pews does matter. It can make the difference between attentive congregates and others who are too busy sleeping to pay attention to the sermons. Church pews are one of the biggest expenses of a church. Because of that, buying it isn’t not something that can be taken lightly.

The general rules

Roman Catholic and Lutheran churches lean towards pews with upholstered seats or wooden pews. Baptist churches lean towards fully upholstered pews. Of course, you don’t have to follow these general rules. That is, as long as the pews still suit the style of your church’s worship and architecture.

What to consider

There are many things to consider. For instance, the pews arrangement. Will the rows be in a V-shaped line? Or a straight line? What is the type of the wood being used? Engineered lumber or particle board?

The fabrics of the pews can also influence the overall atmosphere inside a church. If you want to renovate the pews, ask for the sample of the fabric. Evaluate its color and print.  Different colors can have different religious significance. For example, red represents the Holy Spirit. Or violet symbolizes the kingliness of Christ. Other than the design, you need to consider the comfort of the material will be for congregates. Also, how easy the maintenance is.

At first sight, the pew ends seem to be only decorative. But, it is not necessarily true. Pew ends that have arm rests can provide more comfort to the attendee. On the other hand, open-ended or endless pews are suited more for more crowded churches as it will make attendee move easily to their seats. You can incorporate church-specific designs into the pew ends too if you want.

Pews can do more than just seat your congregation. Kneelers can be useful for attendees who constantly kneel and pray. Card holders are useful too, in case the attendees need to store their items such as donation envelopes.

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