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Pallet wrap is a plastic film used to secure goods to a wooden or plastic pallet during transit, for example during distribution from a regional warehouse to a specific retail outlet. 

Skid Pallets – What Type?

Packing the pallet needs to be done carefully. Loose loads are a danger to people, to the equipment moving them, and to the equipment itself. Most breakages occur due to lack of careful packing. Standards for packing should be followed. You can  also ‘look for  cardboard corner protectors via' (also known as ‘op zoek naar kartonnen hoekbeschermers via’ in Dutch language) if you want to get safe packaging ideas online .

What type of skid or pallet is right for you? You may choose wood, metal, or plastic standard deck sizes or you may have specialty ones that are designed to move the specific product you have. Beyond the material, there are different options with varying features.

You might even have a pallet with rollers on it. You may have an over sized option or one with special setup to secure large loads.It's important to understand the load capacity so that you know the skid can hold the goods and so that you know that the fork lift or pallet jack can safely move it.

The reason for this is simple, all pallet wrap stretch film is sold by weight – however you buy your film it is always worked back into price per tonne – and pre stretch, although more expensive per tonne, offers up to 40% more yield, making it much more cost effective.

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