Overview of Dust Collection Systems in CA

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Portable dust collection units are used in commercial and small workshop settings. A small workshop can use portable dust collectors when operating a chainsaw, grinder machine or vacuum dust generated by the tool when operating.

Choosing the right system for any situation is a matter of factoring in the actual shop dimensions, the type and number of tools in the shop, and the general work habits of the users. There are many dust collection methods which are designed to increase the quality of the air and reclaim the coating material used in industrial and commercial finishing processes.

It is worth taking the time to evaluate this. It is entirely possible that you may find that a more modest dust collection system will suit your needs. You may not need to invest in the biggest and most expensive system!

If you are working alone in a small shop and looking for a simple, affordable system, a small, portable dust collection option might be just the ticket.  If the woodworking machinery is larger and producing more debris, a larger and more powerful system may be needed. These systems can be placed further away from the individual machines, allowing for a more central placement.

There is some dust collection systems for the home or office space. One is the air filtration system – HEPA air system. It is an effective system, but when working with other systems you can clean your air of pollutants, dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses, odor, mold and mildew.

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