One of the most preferred SIT flats today lie in Tiong Bahru

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Aesthetics-wise, one of the most distinct functions that establish SIT-constructed apartments aside from HDB apartments we are much more acquainted with today, was the Art-Deco style known as 'Streamline Moderne'. A style prominent in Britain at the time, designs were simple, echoing the smooth shapes of ships, airplanes and also automobiles, emphasized with little flourishes like spiral outside stairs as well as round 'porthole-like' windows at stairwells.

SIT flats along Dakota Crescent will regretfully be destroyed come end 2016. No question, it's these little edgings that represent the higher resale prices these SIT-era flats command out there today.

While the majority of SIT's advancements have actually considering that been knocked down to make method for more recent and also taller! growths, you could still find a couple of remaining estates in Tiong Bahru and also Dakota Crescent though keep in mind, the latter is slated to be demolished by the end of 2016.


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