Need Of A Lawsuit Against Essure

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In the last few decades, there were a rising number of lawsuits against Bayer, the maker behind the permanent birth control procedure Essure. Essure is a favorite type of birth control, however, there’s been many instances where girls have suffered damaging effects which have experienced a negative influence on their physical wellbeing. You can also visit for info regarding the essure lawsuit.

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Why are girls filing Essure suits?  Essure has been promoted as a safe and benign form of permanent birth control.  However, girls who have endured serious side effects in the metallic coils, have registered personal injury claims from Bayer.

Back in 2002, the FDA accepted Essure and tens of thousands of American girls are using it to stop pregnancies.  However there have been instances where women have endured intense pain, the metallic coils have migrated in the fallopian tubes, organs are perforated and in certain instances, there’s been no other option but to perform a complete hysterectomy.

Girls, who have recently filed suits, have promised they believe Bayer failed to warn them about these critical dangers an Essure implant could cause.

They also believe that a few physicians weren’t adequately trained about how to execute an Essure procedure.  A process that has been promoted as a secure form of permanent birth control has had life-changing and life-threatening outcomes.

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