Must-try dishes in Lombok

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Lombok isn’t just famous for its beautiful beaches and natural surroundings but it is also well known for its mouthwatering dishes.

The must-try authentic dishes in Lombok are

  • Rembiga Satay- The beef forms the base of the Rembiga Satay and is then mixed with aesthetic flavors to give it sweet and savory taste. The dish is named after a popular village in NTB.
  • Plecing Kangkung- A trip to Lombok is incomplete without tasting the region’s most relished vegetable dish. The Local dish Plecing Kangkung is prepared from blanched spinach. It is served cold by adding a topping of a dollop of uniquely prepared chili sauce. Various vegetables like sprouts, grated coconut and beans are also accompanied by the dish. The dish is popular and is served in Hostels in Lombok also.
  • AyamTaliwang- The iconic dish of Lombok cuisine is prepared from grilled chicken and served with a chili paste known as sambal. The grilled chicken can also be replaced by deep-fried chicken.
  • Sate Bulayak- The dish is similar to Sate Madura, it comprises rice cakes that are wrapped in sugar palm leaves that are spiral. As per the recipe from the Sasak tribe, the beef is cooked using the chili paste.
  • Ares- The traditional dish is made from young banana steam that is mixed along with coconut milk and other spices. The mix of spices gives the dish sweet and savory taste. The dish is usually prepared during the wedding ceremony.

Try the mouthwatering dishes when in Lombok and you are just going to love to be here.

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