Modes of Goods Transportation

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A means of transport is a method or solution that uses a particular type of infrastructure, operation and vehicle to transport people and freight. A method can be used by itself or in combination with several other modes and in this case it is referred to as intermodal or multimodal transportation system.

Each mode is distinct from the other one and is used based on the selection of factors like cost of transport, route taken, capacity and so on. Below are given some of the modes of transportation:

1. Roadways

Road transportation is the oldest means of transportation service used for carrying goods. Roads have been extensively used in the past in the form of caravan trails or paved paths. This automobile system revolutionized road transport and nowadays cargo trucks, wagons and trailers carry large volumes of goods across highways. To get the latest modes of transportation system for carrying goods, you can click on

2. Marine transportation

Marine transportation has always been a vital mode to transport goods across the countries and the continents. Marine transport system consumes less energy as compared to roadways or rail. Cargo ships can carry thousands of tons of goods in a single trip from one port to another port.

3. Railways

Rail transportation system began to be extensively used for moving goods after the Industrial Revolution. Rail technology has enhanced considerably over the years.

4. Airways

The utilization of aircraft in transporting consignment has generally been limited to areas where necessity is the primary need. 

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