Melbourne Esports Open: Victoria Is Australias Gaming Hub

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All set for Melbourne for major live Esports events, which are going to be organized in the city’s biggest arenas. The government of Victoria is pushing the state to become a hub of video games in Australia.

An Esports open in Melbourne is going to kick off in September this year. At the same time, it will be bye week before AFL finals. This event is going to take place at Melbourne and Olympic Park in collaboration with TEG live and international esports ESL. If you want to join this event, then you need limo hire Melbourne, which will take you to the event location from your current location? According to Andrew government, this event is going to be the biggest in the country, which will be attended by almost 10,000 people around the world on daily basis. This event will no doubt attract the talent, at the same time; it will also lure fans from around the globe.

The Melbourne Esports open will definitely generate a huge revenue for Victoria as the city is jumping into world’s most trendy field of sports and entertainment told by Minister of tourism. If you are coming to Australia especially for this event, then it would be better to hire Melbourne airport transfers service in advance rather than depending on public transport. The ministry of sports affairs is doing its best to satisfy every gamer.

Presently, the biggest sports competition is IEM Sydney. This tournament has a $310,000 prize money. Sydney is coming to host the first international tournament the next month by the name of ‘League of legends’. The teams participating in this event are from Asia and Japan.

There are no particular games announced for Esports Open so far. Though it is clear that the games will take place in multiple arenas and over multiple days, which clearly indicates that multiple tournaments are going to take place.

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