Making Fused Glass Jewelry At Home

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Fused glass jewelry is very popular among the young generation. With easy to learn skills and accessories like glass paints, you can make fused glass art jewelry at home.

Fused glass art jewelry has increased in popularity over the last few years. Fuse gear, equipment and grade have been rapidly growing as more people are becoming aware of the beauty of the art of fused glass.

It is done in a warm glass fuse electric kiln where glass pieces are heated until they soften and fuse together as one piece.

Metal Tip Set for Glass Fusing Paints

The first cut glass shape and arranged in the kiln fuses, fusing temperature then set and the pieces will fuse together as the kiln runs through the fusing and cooling cycles.

Fused glass may only side by side or stacked and fused or fused by other means. Glass fusing molds can be used to produce a beautifully finished piece.

To be able to fuse together and manipulate colored pieces of glass fusing in an electric kiln for your own personal design is very satisfying.

There is nothing like the joy and sense of accomplishment at removing the first cut you out of your kiln.

You can generate hanging art glass, fused glass earrings, cuff bracelets, glass beads and many items other fused glass jewelry.

Melted products are on the market from a number of makers in a variety of colors, textures and styles; Stringer is also available in color, stems, broken, powder, and various grades of crushed glass called frit.

The large range of available inventory allows you to mix and match colors and designs to your heart’s desire.

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