Lock Up Your Daughters – Dangerous Cosmetics on the Rampage

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Teenage girls love looking good, smelling good and feeling good. They love to use makeups, skin care and anti-acne products, beauty products and personal body care products. And adolescent girls use a massive amount of these types of personal products.

What's wrong with that? Just this. It has been recognized for quite some time that many of the big name cosmetics, skin care products and personal products that you, (not I) use daily, and that teenage girls use in huge amounts, daily, contain dangerous ingredients.You can also visit http://glamspirationandco.com/ here to explore non toxic products for children.

Ingredients which are, in some cases, known to cause cancer.

Take lipsticks for example. A recent test of big brand name lipsticks found that over 50% contained lead. Lead? Isn't lead very dangerous? Yes, it is, and it's found in our lipsticks.

One product actually contains a commonly used pesticide.

And a very recent study found that there were hormone disrupting chemicals in many of our cosmetics, and that adolescent girl tested had up to 16 of these dangerous hormone-disrupting chemicals in their bodies.

It's scandalous. There are companies set up to combat this like the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics and Teens Turning Green. And there are searchable databases where you can really search on product names and company names and find out the chemicals that are contained in the products, the expected risk of those chemicals and a hazard assessment on a scale of 1 to 10.

In Europe, this problem has been recognized for some years and a European Directive prevents use of dangerous ingredients in cosmetics and skin care and personal use products.

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