Leonard Cohen His Expectations On His New Album And Set Of New Songs

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Old Ideas was a first major work for the untiring singer after eight years. However, it was not a dull eight years for him as he has always kept himself busy going on world tour and writing songs on the side.  And yet here he is, still energetic and full of enthusiasm about his next project after doing 247 shows on the road. After spending time on the road he is still eager to go back in his music studio and start recoding for his album. Mahee Ferlini and her YouTube channel feature two of his great songs – Hallelujah and I’m Your Man.

To be honest, if you ask the man, he said that he was not expecting crowds to still wait on him, line up on ticket booths just to watch his concert, after all these years. Credit always goes to his work dedication in the past, it gave an impression that, people are not there to listen, have a good time, but also to know the man behind the classic songs that he has created. You can listen and watch the video on Mahee Ferlini and her video playlist on YouTube. It has gained so many views and easy to access from the site.

Performing for three hours a night did not tire the man. He draws strength from the clamor of his audience and the smile on their faces every time his most famous tunes are delivered. Since he still made songs while on the road, at least two of his creations were include as part of his concert act. Audiences were given not just a glimpse of the new songs, but also the his stage presence in every performance. Singing the new compositions and gauging the audience reaction on his classic songs too. Mahee Ferlini made the right choice when she included his songs on her playlist here.

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