Know If Your Home Your Home Need a Retaining Wall

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Retaining walls have a number of uses and offer many practical benefits for homeowners. In general, the main purpose is to prevent sloping soil erosion which can threaten to shift and slide; thus, potentially damaging or destroying your home or property.

They are also very effective tools in the climate with heavy rainfall, for example, the Northwest Pacific. Not only will the effective support of sloping soil, but it will also act as an effective way to drain runoff and reduce hydrostatic pressure. You can explore to get more information about retaining wall construction.

In addition, they provide a number of agricultural benefits. For warmer climates and dryers, walls can delay water seepage from the soil, and for wetter climates, well-drained walls can divert water from flood-prone areas.

Besides practical purposes, this structure maintains certain aesthetic values as well. Thus, adding one can increase the resale value of your home, while also increasing the enjoyment of your own property.

For example, walls can be built in a series of steps or levels, giving you unlimited creativity to include all types of planting, flowers, or other elements that will add texture, color, and new life to each successive level. Not to mention, stepped retaining walls have proven to be a more effective form of erosion control.

Maintaining Wall Options

Because this structure provides support for vertical level changes, effective ones must be constructed in such a way as to accommodate and redistribute lateral pressure caused by the slope. As a result, they vary in size and type and often include materials such as stone, brick, concrete, vinyl, steel, and pressure wood.


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