Is Power Bi a Good Reporting Tool?

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Business Intelligence always makes our work easy. Businesses are more than happy to adapt any business intelligence that is ready to provide them with some or the other profits and productivity. Power Bi is one such business intelligence service. You can easily download Power Bi from Microsoft store and start exploring its features. Meanwhile getting a Power Bi consulting at can help you learn more about this Power Bi, help you set it up for your team and even training you team mates on how to use it. 

Power Bi is completely a data visualization service. It is meant to deliver insightful reports that are worth looking and reading.  Unlike any other reporting tool, Power Bi has a plethora of features that you won’t get in any other tool. Power gives you live status of the information, it clubs information from every third-party source to fetch analytical insights and then club it into a useful report. 

Power Bi is a service that will satisfy you to an utmost level with everything you need. You can use customized visualizations in order to make your reports look better. Power Bi also lets you transform your data into a 3D map. And all this you can do on an online server and share with your colleagues and team mates easily. So don;t wait, get Power Bi subscription today!

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