Is Crowdfunding an Appropriate Financial Model for Social Entrepreneurship?

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A social entrepreneur is someone who identifies opportunities based on business solving social problems (examples might include the integration of people at risk of exclusion or initiatives aimed at reducing damage to the environment) during the creation of the company endeavors. You can get more information about the best crowdfunding marketing company online at

Should not be confused with charity or altruism (Kroeger and Weber, 2014), consists of developing a business model dependent on the implementation of advanced solutions and innovative, and inspired by the desire to help others and also to implement positive social influence. 

However, little has been written about this type of business financing. Similarly, subjects of crowdfunding have received little attention in the academic literature (Belleflamme et to the, 2013. Therefore, this work may help fill this gap in the literature by evaluating the use of social entrepreneurs crowdfunding and suitability to meet its financing needs.

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Consequently, the overall objective of the guide is to examine the understanding social entrepreneurs have on crowdfunding, and the degree of utilization at risk. Specifically, the guide's main reasons that encourage or discourage the use of crowdfunding, accessibility, and availability of relevant information. 

The desirability of increasing the funds to finance social projects, and also the perfect method for improving a crowdfunding effort to promote will be examined for greater use in the future. 

For this use, the Delphi method is used, the methodology advocated in this type of case, because of the lack of previous research on the subject, it was thought appropriate to apply this organic qualitative approach.


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