Install Timber Flooring

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Wood is a natural and more like to decorate their homes. Its rings, texture always provide a beautiful picture, which gives the use of a return to nature, natural feeling. Texture is both unique and popular. Here we will describe some of the ways to decorate our house wooden floor. 

1) The timber flooring should be opened with a period of time for the house before, make it adapt to the new environment.

 2) Do not think that the timber flooring can not be filled with the water. In fact, the timber flooring becomes very hard if it does not have water in it, and the feeling is not the same. So keep the timber flooring with a moisture content of about 14%, of course, this is a professional tool to check it.

3) Wooden grilles and ground base should retain a certain gap (primary school textbooks taught us how to stay a crack), to ensure the whole earthworm internal air unobstructed, don't heaps fixed wooden grid with cement plug, we should adopt methods of the wedge nail pad, it will be firmly fixed on the ground with a wooden grid.

4) Timber flooring should be cleaned in a wooden grid, sprinkle with moisture and insect powder. It can prevent the erosion of worm wood floor material and timber flooring’s structure damage.

 5) The timber flooring of the nail must use twisted nails, first in the groove of the oblique hole (hole should be perpendicular to the floor length direction), and then nailed wooden grille, otherwise the use process is easy to cause loose timber flooring.

6) Timber flooring after covering the cardboard, old sheets or old mat etc. The purpose of doing so is to protect the initial installation structure of timber flooring, solid structure.

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