Information About Pre – Employment Screening Services

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Pre-employment screening is an essential hiring procedure to prevent lawsuits and expensive hiring errors. Employers understand that the expanding demand of professional Pre employment screening & background check services; improper background checks could lead to serious ramification into the businesses whether it is small or big.

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Gone are the days, when workers were hired on the basis of an interview run and few telephone calls to previous companies, but now correct background checks are conducted; their records are appropriately verified and hence they're hired.

The companies may also outsource pre-assembled screening solutions, selecting an outsourcing company to do accurate and complete information on the potential job seeker. It's wise that the companies collect requisite information before outsourcing or hiring pre-employment services.

The system can integrate with the Employment Screening Services highly regarded Internet Report Access System to make the background checks on selected applicants a paperless process.

Pre-employment screening services provided include:

  • Criminal background (felony & misdemeanor)
  • Social safety history
  • Education confirmation
  • DMV tests (where permissible)
  • Drug Testing
  • License/certificate affirmation
  • Credit screening (according to FCRA limits )
  • Employment and home background verification

A company hiring an employee looks at a candidate's merits, giving less importance to their background that can become the cause of major problems. These service providers help provide the right information by screening the employee's past criminal history, fraudulent social security numbers, untruthful resumes, falsified employment applications, etc. The reports given are accurate and legal compliant. This service can be provided online and include employment drug screening and back ground checking.

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