How to Take Care of Your Stainless Steel Cookware

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Taking care of your stainless steel cookware should be easy as long as you know what you are doing.  Burn marks and discolorations can be greatly eschewed if you are disciplined in maintaining the condition of your cookware on a daily basis. After all, nobody wants to see their investment ruined, especially if they paid hundreds of Dollars on one of the high-end cookware sets on the market.

Though people have different approaches of cleaning their stainless steel cookwares, they still follow the fundamental rules of cookware cleaning.  The techniques that will be discussed below are so easy to follow and should not take a lot of your time.

For starters, the rule of the thumb in taking care of stainless steel cookware is cleaning it with hot water mixed with soap. It should be rinsed thoroughly with a lint free and gentle rag.  Cleaning stainless steel cookware in a dishwasher is still an ongoing debate today.  Some professionals are against it because of the potential effects of dishwashing detergents that might have on the stainless steel cookware.  However, if you really want to try the dishwasher, then do so with extreme caution.  Once the dishwasher has cleaned your cookware, then immediately remove it and dry with a clean towel. 

When you are dealing with stains, make sure that you have a baking or club soda, vinegar and a gentle abrasive cleaner on hand.  If the gunk is not that hard, you can actually use club soda first. When applying the soda, you have to mix it with water first to create a paste like substance.  If this doesn’t do the trick then you can resort to cleaning the stain with vinegar or mild abrasive cleaner. This technique should be effective for hard to remove stain and hardened food.  Meanwhile, for extremely persistent glop and burn marks, there’s no other way to do it but to cook or boil them away. This approach involves filling the cookware with water and letting the water boil until the gunk loosens up.

As a general precaution, never use scouring pads that are made of harsh materials like steel wools to clean your cookware.  In addition, brushes are also not advisable to be used because it can ruin the beauty of your cookware.  Scouring pads that are safe to use are those that are made of foam, cloth, and nylon nets.   Bleach and other cleaners whose main ingredient is ammonia should not also be used in cleaning your stainless steel cookware.

If you are able to do all of the things above and more, rest assured that your stainless steel cookware will last for a very long time.  You can even bequeath it to your children or grandchildren as a sort of heirloom.

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