How to sue the Contractor for Defective Work?

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Have you faced the question of how long do I have before I sue my contractor for construction defects with my house, my warehouse, my condominium, an industrial building, etc.?

It is a very common question. The answer to it is depending on whether the action is brought under contract or tort, it's either four to five years but under no circumstances can it be any later than ten years. But what each of these time frames means?  If you sue your contractor or anyone involved in the construction process and understand you may have direct claims against as well, you can bring that action under a theory, a tort theory of negligence within four years of your first learning about the defect.

Now if you have a contract and want to sue someone breaching that contract, you can do so within five years of the incident at fault. This period of time is called the statute of limitations, it's the time to bring the claim once you've learned about it. If you happen to have a performance bond that you can make a claim against, you have to bring that action within two years of the time of the default of the contract. So, you have the time period two, four, and five years.

As mentioned before there's also a longer period that's ten years. This period of time is called the statute of repose which states that under no circumstances can the client bring about action against the contractor or anyone else involved in the construction after the period of ten years from the time the action occurred. 

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