How to Shape Your Brows

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Eyebrows have come in the center stage of makeup in the world; a full explained eyebrow is in demand more than ever. Flawlessly groomed eyebrows mount the face, and if done properly, can act as an immediate eye-lift.

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They set your eye region building any liner, eye shadow and or mascara pop up and making sure that your eyes become the focus.  To attain your ideal eyebrows, follow these steps.

First things first, place down and step away from the tweezers.  Over-tweezing contributes to too thin and misshapen brows that need more work on your end to make them complete and lovely again.

Brow shape is unique for everybody’s face.  Eyebrows aren’t a 1 size fits all scenarios; what looks magnificent in your very best friend or favorite celebrity, might not be the ideal form for you.  Here are 3 steps That Will Help You find the perfect eyebrow shape for your face:

  • To figure out where your eyebrow should start (stage A), align with the horizontal edge of a right makeup brush into the surface of the internal corner of your eye.
  • Your authentic arch (stage B) can be located by simply taking your brush and placing it diagonally out of the nostril into the external edge of your iris.

•Ascertain where your eyebrow should end (stage C) with your brush to make a line in the outer corner of your nose directly into the outer corner of your eye.

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