How to Reduce Puppy Biting

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Having a dog can be lot of fun, as they are the most loving and playful animal alive on earth. But sometimes the puppy can play a bit rough and can bite things and people that they should not. If this is not being checked at the early stage then the puppy can become more aggressive while growing up into an adult dog. Here in this article many procedures are mentioned through which you can learn how to reduce dog biting and can learn some tricks that you can use if biting persists.

Dogs biting are not generally intended to harm people. Dogs like retrievers can sometimes carry eggs inside their mouth without even biting it and are very gentle with their teeth. Being bitten, even be gentle, can scare little chickens and even sometimes adults, and weaning your dog from playing with their teeth is a very good habit to make at an early age. You can provide your puppy with a chewing toy, such as a rubber chew or a tug of war rope, to play with your dog. As long as the puppy doesn’t get the taste of your skin, praise them (It will build confidence inside the puppy if you let him win a few times while playing a tug of war game).

If your puppy bites you, simply stand up (If necessary release the toy) and turn away from your dog, then slowly count to 20. If your dog comes from the side you are facing, ignore him and finish your counting. Continue to play with your dog until he avoids putting his teeth on you. If your dog bites under any condition, then a simple scolding will do the job. Puppy biting can be fun and seems harmless but once it become an adult dog a playful bite can cause you real trouble, especially if he is with a stranger or a guest.

If you are trouble by dog biting things like shoes or furniture, you can use a bitten solution on them, which will discourage the behavior. You can move things that he mostly targets from the room he is kept to another room, while you are not around. You can also put toys and treats around the room to keep him/her occupied while you are not around. To read more articles about puppy training, please go to and see all of their advice here.

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