How to Intern At a Top Management Consulting Firm

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Being selected for a management consulting internship is the most effective way to break into this field and get employed in top-tier firms. Top consulting firms such as McKinsey, Bain, and AT Kearney hire most of their interns as full-time consultants.

Internships are a terrific way for you and the company to ensure that the match is appropriate. As an intern, you'll be working with advisers on instances and will know whether the company culture, workload and assorted responsibilities are ideal for you – all without needing to earn long-term career devotion.

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How to Intern At a Top Management Consulting Firm

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Pay careful attention to the management consulting company recruiting program and know when they intend to be on your campus; they seldom hire for internships at other times of the year.

To put it differently, when they come into town, this can be the very best chance. Most companies create their campus visits in the autumn and winter. Most hiring which goes on throughout the remainder of the year is to get mid-career professionals changing jobs or careers.

The company will arrive on your own campus and run several informational sessions speaking about the business, the internship process, and exactly what it is like working as a consultant.

Following that, interviews will be set up for students that are interested. The meeting process will be tremendously challenging for your management consulting company to understand how you stand under stress against other equally qualified applicants.

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