How to Incorporate Jewelry with Your Beach Wear

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Temperatures are rising, the days are lasting longer and more and more weekend trips are being booked with pool days or beach trips.

Beyond making sure you've got a fantastic swimsuit, ensure you're accessorizing your beachwear with the ideal accessories to flatter and look trendy.

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 How to Incorporate Jewelry with Your Beach Wear

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To fully prepare for the ultimate look-at-me look by the water this summer, make sure you're decked out head-to-toe:

Hair: depending upon your waterside action, you're going to want to repair your hair in the right way. If you are considering a day of lounging and soaking up sunlight, let down your hair with gentle, beach-inspired waves.

In case you've got a laid-back, boohoo style, choose an enjoyable headscarf; if you are more glam, receive a floppy hat. Beyond looking stylish, both these accessories will protect your hair from sunlight damage.

Jewelry & hair:

  • Light hair looks great with bolder colors, such as hot pink, blue or green jewelry
  • Dark hair looks fantastic with most colors, but actually is enriched by light (but glowing!) Colors such as yellow jewelry
  • Generally, the bigger the hair, the larger the accessories ought to be (think studs with short hair and announcement rings with long hair)

Skin: Your Skin is the main focuses when in a swimsuit, so be certain that you've properly exfoliated, moisturized and implemented sunscreen.

Skin Care & Jewelry:

Similar to hair, light skin tones are well complemented with vibrant colors and dark skin tones really can wear any colors of bright crystal jewelry.

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