How to Compare Mobiles Running in iOS vs Android

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You probably have heard it before – which is better, iOS or Android? Both have a legion of their own followers, although iOS users are known to be extremely loyal. If you wish to compare mobiles to check which one of the two big operating systems is better, it's best to check the following:

Cost – it is a fact that when you compare mobile contracts , iOS will be more expensive and the latest gadget this OS released is among the most costly of all the handsets in the market.

Interface – as all OS now look minimalist and fast, it will boil down to the basic structure of the interface. Android is known for having their own user interface and customizable home screens. But of course, it all depends on what you like as customer.

Available Apps – of course, both of these OS have their own apps and what customers need to know when they compare mobile phone  contracts is what can they get from the OS store. Apps are made for convenience and user-friendly navigation so be sure to get what suits your taste and fancy.

There is no guaranteed way to determine which of all the existing OS is better. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what the customer will like and prefer to get.


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