How to Buy the Right Security Camera?

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With more and more people purchasing surveillance systems to protect their homes and businesses, many consumers are naturally confused by the vast amount of choices in systems, cameras and recording equipment.

Your surveillance system is only as good as the cameras that record your pictures or videos, so finding the right camera could very well be the most important step in making a smart investment.

So, what good is your surveillance system if you don't have a good camera?

Security cameras produce images and video using CMOS (Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductors) or CCD (charge-coupled device) technology or chips. Without getting too technical, let's just say, both CMOS and CCD are image sensors that are designed to convert light into electrons and create images that are viewed on a monitor or TV. You can navigate to to know more about security camera installation.

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Security cameras that use CMOS technology are generally less expensive and consumers that are unaware of the differences in technology will often opt for the lower priced camera. But as we all know, sometimes lower price does not mean better quality.

Because each pixel on a CMOS sensor has several transistors placed next to it, the light sensitivity of a CMOS chip tends to be lower, sometimes giving you fuzzy or grainy images in low light. In addition, CMOS chips are mass produced and used for a variety of different applications, computers, appliances, etc. and therefore are not made primarily for the purpose of giving you high quality camera images.

How Many TV lines Should My Security Camera Have?

Picture resolution for security cameras is measured in Television Lines or TVL. The number of TV lines in the security camera image is the amount of its picture resolution or sharpness. The greater the number of TV lines, the better the resolution and overall picture quality.

Typical, lower priced cameras usually come with 350-380 lines and are considered to be the standard resolution. Security cameras that have 500 or even 600 TV Lines are considered to be of high-quality resolution.

The bottom line is, the more TV lines, the better the picture. You can purchase a high grade quality camera with 600 lines and enjoy clear, crisp video in either day or night conditions.

Finally, any security camera installation will need proper wiring. If you are installing cameras that require wiring of long distance runs, we would recommend using RG6 or RG59 coaxial cables for it will ensure the quality of your video. Coaxial cables will prevent video loss up to about 400 feet.

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