How To Become A Wise Jewish Bet Din

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Possessing this title is not an easy thing to do. Being a Jewish bet din will put you to a lot of responsibilities. You must become wise, in order to become one. Aside from meeting all the documents needed to attain this position, honing your attitude would matter the most. You got to be strong in order to face the challenges that would come on your way. You need to know what is right and wrong.

You have to be open minded. You must stop being a hypocrite too. Be humble. Learn to love others and learn to practice what you preach. Becoming someone like that in this short lifespan would never be a simple job. Be patience, though. Unless you are prepared enough to take that role, make sure that you hone your mind and your body.

Get out from your shell. Explore. Aside from reading the holy book, make sure to check your surroundings. If you are chosen by the Creator, for sure, you would be able to fulfill your role. Humans are sinful beings. You would always be exposed to temptations.

You got tons of weaknesses. Aside from keeping a healthy body, you need to have a healthy and strong mind too. Whenever you are lost, you should learn how to listen. Do not worry. God place something in your heart that would help you improve your wisdom. Through the gifts He has given to you, play your role very well.

Do not be selfish. Always look at the humble side. Learn to conquer your human desires. It is the source of all evil. Fight yourself. Face yourself on the mirror. There, try to check your cons and bad sides. You might not be as good as you have imagined. Even your good points might be bad too.

You could never live a humble life, especially, without breaking this kind of hurdle. Aside from being humble, you should have the confidence to make decisions too. Of course, as a leader who fights for God, it is only ideal that you possess such character. No matter how hard the weight could be, you got to carry them.

In case you are not that prepared to handle all of these, then, do not force your ways. If you do that, you might end up hurting yourself and hurting a lot of people along the way. If you think that this path is not for you, then, try to look for yourself. Do not worry. If this place is indeed for you, you would find yourself standing on the same door again.

Well, by then, your experience and your mentality would become stronger. You would grow. It is not really that bad to take some detours. If doing such a thing would help you find your destiny, do that. Wisdom is not something that you can gain through knowledge alone. You could never become a wise man, especially, without knowing how the world works.

You could never become someone wise, especially, if you only think about your own interests. This is the reason why you have to explore and watch your surroundings. Take detours. Experience the pain of failures and the tastes of success. You got to feel them. You need to treasure them. Before you could judge other fellow beings, you have to put yourself on their shoes. That would be relevant.

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