How Long Does Sciatica Last?

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Sciatic nerve pain is a pain that radiates down the back, through the butts, and into the leg. There are a few questions that people ask related to sciatic nerve pain. These are;

  1. What is the most effective sciatica treatment?
  2. How long is this problem going to last?
  3. Will I have to undergo surgery to fix this problem?

Sciatica is a painful condition that people want to get rid of as early as possible, but sciatica is not going to go away that easily. It is not sure as to when sciatica will be fully cured, and there have been cases where people lived with sciatica until their death.

One thing that all doctors and medical professionals will agree on is the fact that there is no universally applicable solution to this problem. Sometimes, sciatica will disappear on its own, while on most occasions, people are forced to take specific treatments.

What does sciatica feel like?

Sciatica originates in the lower back and then, it radiates down into the hips, buttocks, thigh, and back of the leg. Reason being the sciatic nerve that covers all these areas. Sometimes, the pain is felt in the foot as well.

Sciatic nerve when pinched or inflamed results in pain, and the reason for a pinched or inflamed sciatic nerve could be an injury, muscular strain or disc herniation. As I have mentioned above, the pain goes away on its own in a matter of a few days, but when it doesn’t, then it is important to take the right treatment for sciatica. It is quite difficult to describe the sciatic nerve pain, but it takes a number of diverse forms.

You may feel a cramping or numbing pain sensation, which will worsen up as you sit, cough or sneeze. There will be numbness blended with burning or electrical sensation running down the leg.

Muscles can also get weakened if the condition persists for a long period of time. But, current stats show that 80-90% of the people suffering from sciatica recover within a month of the half, and they also don’t have to undergo the surgery.

How long does sciatica last?

It depends upon the type of sciatica a person is suffering from. If the sciatic pain is acute, then it is going to last for six weeks. Most people suffer from acute sciatica, so there is no need to worry when it develops.

When people don’t get the right treatment for acute sciatic pain, then it turns into chronic sciatic pain, which will be more painful and long-lasting. It is important for people suffering from acute sciatica that they take all possible measures to ensure that their condition doesn’t aggravate. Chronic sciatica is a life-changing problem, as people won’t be able to do what they could have done easily now.

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