How Does a Personal Shopper Work?

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Personal shopper do exactly what the name suggests: they buy for people who don't have the time, energy, or experience to do so. They are hired by customers to buy everything from clothes to shoes to more personal items depending on their level of experience.

The personal shopper can work as a consultant and independently in a small business, or work in a department or boutique and get hired. You may find top 150 personal shoppers in New York at

Personal shopping involves individual attention and personal shopping usually meets with the customer to determine what his personal style is and what he is looking for in terms of fashion. The buyer will then continue shopping for the customer, doing his best to satisfy the customer's taste.

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Personal shoppers often tell customers about current fashions, what clothes to wear for the season and how personal styles can be integrated into the new fashion season. They usually buy all the clothes for the customer, including shoes and accessories, unless the customer asks otherwise.

While no degree or course is normally required to work as a private buyer, employers typically seek out candidates with experience in fashion, retail and sales. Getting into the field can be difficult, but working in sales in the clothing department of a store or boutique is a great way to meet frequent shoppers and provide personal shopping services.

When customers advertise their satisfaction with the extraordinary skills of personal buyers, more customers need to ask for the same service.

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