How Cohen Was Able To Perform In USA For A Whole Year

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Mr. Leonard Cohen’s world tour kicked off in May 2008 in his birth country Canada and continued until the end of the year, a clear indication of how hard working this man was. Cohen’s music director, Roscoe Beck, said that even on the longest trips Cohen sits straight backed in his seat with his legs crossed, in a monk’s posture. This was a man who was ready to endure it all, but get back to his legendary status. Watch a video uploaded by Mahee Ferlini to see how the legend did it.

 In an interview, Mr. Cohen said that music was his yoga. As a matter of fact, Cohen said that prayers and music performance were elements of the same divine enterprise. However, this was not a surprise given that it was coming from an artist who was known for songs that mingled secular and sexual lyrics. At one point, Cohen said that there was a similarity of the quality of life in a monastery and road life. He also said that he had stopped touring in 1993 because he was drinking too much red wine. Even with the money problems Cohen did not want to go back on the road, it was after so much convincing that he obliged.

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