How Can CNC Machining Speed Up Product Turnaround?

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CNC machining is the best way to speed up product sales of a wide variety of industrial goods for a number of reasons. This includes the ability to work around the clock, eliminates the need for prototypes before production, installs machines quickly, and allows machine operators to multitask and start multiple machines simultaneously.

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First, the latest digitally controlled computer machines are much more efficient and have longer processing times than traditional hand-operated lathes and milling machines. This is because CNC machining is controlled by computer control and only requires the operator to monitor its progress, not the constant attention required of its manual counterpart.

This allows them to work nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which means more products can be made in less time. Computer-controlled computers must always be switched off for maintenance and have 99% availability so that product sales can not only be increased but also maintained for days, weeks, or even months.

Another major advantage of this computerized production method is evident at the start of product production. Unlike manual machines, there is no need for a product model or prototype. This is because designers can simulate making CAD drawings of a product. If you are sure that the product is ready for production, the electronic image can be emailed to a factory equipped with CNC machine tools. The product can then be produced immediately.

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