How Botox Works to Smooth Your Wrinkles?

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As you age, the supple skin of youth gradually gives way to fine lines around your eyes, across your forehead and between your eyebrows. 

Non-surgical wrinkle reducer BOTOX ® Cosmetic now lets you graciously decline in violation of wrinkles instead of accepting the frown lines of the over-30 crowd. You can get more information about the best Beverly hills Botox treatment surgeon at Beverly Hills Aesthetics via online sources.

To understand BOTOX ®, you need to understand how you develop frown lines. As the years go by, your skin loses some natural elasticity and fails to bounce back from the movement and stretching that occurs as your facial muscles are kept flexible and released. 

How This Cosmetic Treatment Reduces Your Wrinkles?

This agent is a protein derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. When small amounts of this protein are injected into muscle tissue, the nerve impulses to the muscles are blocked and paralyze the muscle. 

Botox Treatment & Information

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Because only used on small facial muscles around your brow, the paralysis is minute but the effect on the lines of your upper face is quite noticeable. Without the continuous movement of muscles wearing on your skin, the skin has a chance to return to a smooth state.

After receiving treatment, people usually see results within a few days and improvement continues to rise for the first month. Wrinkle reduction is typically seen for up to four months before the protein is cleared from the body and fading effects.

As you explore your options for rejuvenating your face, keep in mind that the wrinkle-reducing this medication has only temporary results. However, treatment can be repeated as you need it, and its speedy application and affordability have tremendous appeal for wrinkle relief.

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