Here Are Unusual Ways to Place Your TV

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Finding the best place for your new 60 inch TV can be as confusing as when you are going to buy it. There are lots of considerations you need to take into account, for example the top of TV should be around your eye level, the lights are not supposed to cause reflections on the screen. Another aspect you will think of as well is the beauty of your cozy ling room where you usually place a TV.

Mounting it on the wall is a nice idea for a big 60 inch TV. Or perhaps just set in on a TV stand and leave on the table if you want something simpler and practical. However, don’t you want to try something unusual and extraordinary for great decoration of your room? Here are some inspirations you can take:

Make use of an easel

Is painting your hobby? If it is, you can get the inspiration of unique place for your TV from one thing you always use when painting: easel. That is completely weird! No, dear. It is just unique and extraordinary. Designer Vincente Wolf have tried it and that turned out good.

Watching while cooking

Who says the only place for great 60 inch TV is only in the living room? If you want, you can place it in your kitchen, so you are able to watch your favorite TV shows while cooking yummy dishes. Mary Jo Bochner’s Savannah, Georgia, gives a nice example of the placement in the kitchen.

Placing it outdoor

If your activities at home is equally indoor and outdoor, it can be a good idea to place your TV outdoor where you still can see it indoor. Parrish Chilcoat and Joe Lucas designed a room with the TV placement, and it looks wonderful! Check great 60 HDTV deals at

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