Hepatitis C: The Drugs and Alcohol Side

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Getting infected with a deadly virus as deadly as HCV isn’t as dangerous as the continued use of the prohibited inputs. Alcohol and drugs comes as the same in the case of hepatitis C infection. 

Every year 28th July is celebrated as the World’s Hepatitis Day!

The prime aim behind the same is to register the crucial factors concerned with both the spread and cure of the disease. But, it is also done with the point of view to create awareness amongst the people as to what all things must be avoided in case of the infection. 

Drugs and Alcohol Perspective in Correlation with Hep C

  • Chronic hepatitis C has emerged as the most crucial and highly ignited global health problem. USA alone has a real hike in the patients count every year. Thus, it is very important to take the trouble on a serious note. 
  • The advents of numerous medicines, specially the ones that are interferon free are being highly opted for the absolute treatment of the same. Hepcinat Lp is one such medicine being highly preferred. 
  • The disease directly affects the liver and the extreme condition of it may even lead to liver cancer or cirrhosis’. 
  • Alcohol and drugs intake are considered to be the prime factors in interfering with the treatment cycle as it may further worsen the liver conditions. 
  • Thus, it is highly prohibited, especially in case a patient is undergoing a cyclic treatment. 
  • On the other hand, drugs intake process is another major cause for spreading the HCV virus. Sharing of the needles during drugs intake or using the similar apparatus for nasal drugs intake may also lead to the infection. 

Both, drugs and alcohol bring out the negative, worsened side against the hepatitis C infection.  

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