Glow Sticks Fun For Dance Parties

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Glow stick dance, also referred to as flow liquid dance, involves twirling glow sticks into the beat of a tune. This dance is now popular with all the techno and, to some degree, the hip landscape — particularly in cities.

Glow stick dance is all about having fun. Nonetheless, there are a few essential things that any prospective glow stick dancer must know. To begin with, dancers need to hold the glow sticks in a means which allows lots of movement between the palms but also feels comfy.


Consider holding out your hands, palm down, and putting the glow rod below the index and pinky fingers, and in addition to the middle two hands. This grip permits for the best reliability and grip. You can navigate to  to get more info on glow dance.

A fantastic shine stick moves to learn for glow stick dance is your figure eight. This movement enables the warrior to twirl the glow sticks really close together and may look considerably harder than it really is. To perform the movement, practice building a figure eight along with your hand.

As soon as you understand how to perform the figure with a single hand easily, consider following together with the flip side. Be aware that both hands will probably follow the identical sequence, one in the front of another.

When you’ve mastered the figure, you need to dance along with your own body along with the glow sticks in excellent beat with the music. The most significant part glow stick dance, however, is to have fun!

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