Getting rid of the uninvited pest guests!

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Guests are best welcomed when they are invited, warm and loving people or even pets! But no one ever called for chaotic little pests who recklessly barge into our home creating a ruckus we never called for! The best way to deal with these uninvited guests is to reach out for some professional pest control that probably just down the street!

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Friendly to home owners and every pest’s nightmare, the best pest control at Brisbane is undoubtedly Eclipse pest control. The hassle free approach used by us would make you wonder if your place was even infested with pests in the first place.

  1. We use a state of the art technology that works around the four barriers of defense.  Spot treatments are made to flush out any visible pest attacks.
  2. A deep granulation therapy is carried forward to eradicate presence of pests around the house, specifically in their breeding grounds around the house.
  3. Space vents and weep holes are tackled to stop any pest from crawling into the house.
  4. We deal with bringing down the slightest form of pest infestation such as wasp nests or cob webs to using out power sprays where ever required for adequate treatment.

Be it ants, worms, cockroaches, lizards or any crawling worry that you find around your place we sure know how to get rid of them. Our treatments have a long lasting effect on all pests and make it difficult for them to ever enter into your boundaries again.

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