Getting Cheap Travel Deals via Social Networks

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You keep seeing these travel deals all the time on Facebook and Twitter – flights at $10 a night, hotel rooms at $90 a night, car rentals a $10 a night, trips to the Far East where you get a seat for your wife for free – are these cheap travel deals for real?

Not only are there real, everyone already knows they are real, too. Internet-savvy holidaymakers and travelers have known for quite a while that the social networking sites – Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter and the others – make all kinds of exclusive deals available to anyone who's willing to follow them on the social networking sites. You get cruise line deals, restaurant deals, chores, car rentals and so on.

Every travel industry company has a Facebook page and a Twitter presence. If you're interested in cheap travel deals and don't have an account on the social media places, you’d better get started right now. Once you're there, look for all the travel companies that you know of and do what you can to follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook. Right away, the cheap travel deals will come to you.

For instance, if you are following JetBlue on Twitter, you get these one day supercheap sales, free check-in baggage perks and so on. AirTran does this this kind of thing for its Twitter followers too, and I even secured a great deal at a leading Aberdeen airport hotel through Facebook. Nice.

Once you've been on the social networks for a while and you've been in touch with these travel companies, you begin to notice that certain things follow a pattern. For instance, Cheeps fares (Cheeps on Twitter, geddit?) go out every Tuesday. If you need to travel the following week, you need to look out for these $10 fares. Mostly though, there's no pattern at all. Companies like United and Virgin will put these sales for unsold inventory out completely unannounced. But they can be quite awesome.

It isn't just airlines that do this, either. Large hotel chains like Carlton and The Hilton do it too. They'll post their sales on Twitter and Facebook. They can be pretty amazing deals too.

If it's peak travel season and bad weather ruins your plans or something, being an active follower on Twitter or Facebook of these travel websites can really pay off. They don't ever want to mess with you when you are on a social networking sit. They want to believe that you are somehow special. They believe that you’re someone who knows how to get things done, being on the bleeding edge of things, so to speak. So when you complain about how a flight’s been canceled or something, they quickly jump. It really pays when you travel, to be socially networked.

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