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Plumbing issues are like a real hassle for all of us. Especially if you’re staying in an old home that was built in the 1950s, plumbing issues are more frequently as you’re more likely to have a copper water line. It was the main material for plumbing pipes due to its characteristic of pipes pipe due to its durability and resistance to rust.

The copper water line will last up to 100 years. Therefore, you may think that you would never have to replace these pipes, however, it is different. There are some issues that may put you in the requirement of replacing this pipe.


Even if aluminum pipes are resistant to many sorts of rust, there are two sorts to which they get degraded. Such as formicary and pitting are caused because of formaldehyde and chlorine particles from the soil and the atmosphere. It degrades the aluminum and weakens, opening leaks over time. If left unattended, it may damage the pipe into the extreme point that it has to be replaced. You’ll have to call home plumbing services to have it replaced.

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Tree roots-

The most common cause for the pipe replacement. They are actually a significant threat to water lines. Check around your plumbing system and when there’s a tree anywhere near the area of your water line, it’s likely that roots grow in the pipe. It’s a trend of the tree roots to grow near moisture.

If you come to know about it in time it can be cut down before it enters into the pipe. If you let them grow near plumbing line, this origin can block the water flow where you do not have an option but to replace the pipes. Additionally, it will crack the pipe down also. At this point the damage it too extensive to repair. You’re left with the sole option of replacing it.

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