Get License to sell Marijuana

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Buying medical Marijuana is an amble job done, once you follow all the steps listed in the ACMPR program. The first step being, obtaining a medical document from the health care practitioner, once done you is all ready to find a licensed producer and register with them.

With the help of certain websites, finding a licensed producer is not much of a task. And once you find your perfect licensed producer, you will have to submit certain papers, along with your medical document to grab a membership, or to register as a client. After the registration process, you will be able to buy Marijuana from the specific producer.

After you place your orders with your producer, they will ship it directly to your address. No other act or the ACMPR program itself provides the producers the right to sell Marijuana through a storefront. Furthermore, the amount of Marijuana that a person can possess is lesser, or thirty times the daily amount advised by your medical practitioner, or 150 grams.  No person is allowed to possess more than 150 grams of Marijuana at one time.

If once asked by law enforcement, you can show the document containing the information’s that you have obtained from the producer, or the separate paper that was send with the shipment of Marijuana to prove your authenticity.  

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