Gas Mask Filters Helping Us To Beat Air Pollution

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Pollution is a very common and critical issue in the world. Major cities in different countries are facing the problem of air pollution, which is responsible for causing different types of diseases in human beings. Different sources of air pollution include heavy industrialization, deforestation, burning of agricultural wastes, large-scale use of automobiles, etc.

All these factors have the quality of air worst and the air is not good to inhale. But if you have gas masks you do not need to worry about anything as it will filter these particulate matters and let you inhale fresh air. It can filter particulate matter which is very fine and known to cause different respiratory diseases and heavy damage to different tissues in our body.

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Polluted air causes heavy damage to our body and different types of respiratory diseases are caused due to it. The exhaust emitted from these industries and automobiles contains various types of particulate matter and chemicals which are very poisonous and penetrate the soft tissues of our body when inhaled. They are light enough to enter our body through the respiratory system and transported into different tissues and cells by the circulatory system.           

The gas mask is very effective in filtering the polluted air because of the different layers of filters present in it. It filters particulate matters such as 5.5 pm and also the harmful germs like bacteria which causes different diseases in our body.

It causes no problem in breathing as is the case with a gas mask which makes breathing very challenging. At the same time, it is small in size as compared to the traditional face masks which cover your entire face during use.

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