Food-Grade Natural Diatomaceous Earth – Its Health Benefits

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Food grade diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring nutrient compound that is extracted from microscopic water crops that are fossilized. This kind of all-natural compound originates from silica-based remains of diatoms, a single-celled plant that is closely associated with the algae. The diatoms have been performing an important ecological function since the earth's prehistoric age. Scientists agree that diatoms started to accumulate some 30 million years back as diatomite deposits in regions where salt drinking water or fresh water is present.

This mineral substance is extracted through traditional process and pulverized until it finally turns into a powdery compound with texture that is comparable to talcum powder. It is consisting of 33 % of silicon, 5 per cent salt, 19 per cent calcium, 2 per cent iron and 3 % magnesium.

Diatomaceous – A Multipurpose Overall health Supplement

Diatomaceous earth heavy metal detox is a multipurpose dietary supplement that helps in reducing the degree of blood cholesterol and preserves the suppleness of bloodstream. It is also a highly effective natural solution for hypertensive conditions. Apart from its principal functions, food grade diatomaceous earth is also essential for our normal lifestyle. This fossilized mineral substance also promotes the ingestion of phosphorous and calcium supplements and helps in retaining the healthy state of our nails and locks.

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