Flat 60 inch TV Review

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Drastic Change

If we go to any electronic shops nowadays, we will see the a lot of changes of new TVs. Yes, we won’t see any TVs with its convex screen and big size whereas all TVs will be flat screen TV which is accompanied slim frame. Another different thing that we can see in almost every electronic shops is the screen size of the TV. A 60 lcd TV or a 20 inch TV appears in every corner of the electronic shop with many different brands. However, if we don’t know anything about flat TV then we won’t notice any different between all of those flat TVs in the shop except its screen size. This is wrong where there are many differences that can be noticed. For example, the quality of colors and dynamic contrast vary where it can be seen by the video demo in each TV. This is because of the backlight technology which is applied in the TV. There are two kinds of backlight technology which are widely used in the TV industries nowadays. Those kinds are the CCFL technology and LED technology thus a 60 inch TV with CCFL technology is different with a 60 inch TV that is equipped with LED technology.

Other Information

There are lots of other information that we should know besides the screen size and backlight technology for a flat TV. Another thin that must be known is the display quality in every video or movie that we watch. Two things that will affect directly the display quality are the sharpness of colors and dynamic contrast. If we want to find a decent display quality then LED TV is much recommended since it has a high sharpness colors and also high dynamic contrast. Innovation such as smart TV is also something that can be our consideration in choosing the right TV for us.

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