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Let Financial Freedom Ring

For most Americans, the month of July conjures up images of fireworks sizzling in the sky, back yard BBQs and the thrilling sound of patriotic songs; "Our country 'tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing." America was built on a solid foundation of freedom for all, with the additional caveat that all men and ladies were created equal. At least that appeared to be the original idea. You can also get info about best money saving tips.

The word liberty refers to the state of being free from other's restrictions on how chooses to live life. If they apply this definition to what they actually have today, they can see that there's millions of Americans who are not free at all. You can also visit to get more info.

Being truly free usually requires that they have the knowledge and tools necessary to generate that freedom. And in order to generate that freedom, it is helpful to have at least a basic understanding of how money works in society and the primary investment principles that are necessary to become free. In addition, a powerful entrepreneurial spirit is  mandatory these days in the event you need freedom in your life.

Learning this critical knowledge currently doesn't come as a natural right of being born an American, or a Canadian, or a Mexican or a Frenchman, etc. Financial intelligence, for some unusual reason, is usually relegated to 'elective' status when it is as necessary as reading, writing and arithmetic. And often when it is taught, it is about budgeting and balancing checkbooks, not investing in passive income producing assets or thinking like a rich person. Heaven forbid, they teach kids how to become financially free when they are young in lieu of expecting them to spend 40-plus years in a job where they will hopefully 'accumulate' money to 'retire' at some point in their future. What if they teach kids the idea of financial 'utilization' instead; using their natural born entrepreneurial talents to generate businesses that let them live brilliant lives while helping others along the way? Gone are the days of a nice, stable, secure job; here are the days of generating your own way.

History of Exempt Markets

exempt market historyThe history of exempt markets contains some cautionary tales, but also shows how the Exempt Markets are now poised to succeed. While the average investor may not be aware of it, the exempt market has existed for years. In the past, most people knew of the exempt market as the "alternative" or "private" market. Exempt Markets were largely tools that large investors used to create wealth, and because the exempt markets did not go through the traditional capital markets, most people assumed that the average investor would not be interested in investing.

However, in the mid 2000's, the Exempt Market was opened up to retail level investing. Lots of companies arrived to take advantage of the new offerings, and many people invested their money without realizing that the Exempt Markets were not held to the same standard that the traditional markets were held to, and as a result, in 2009 the federal government stepped in and created a formal process for those who wish to sell Exempt Market products. Sellers must now pass the Exempt Market Product Exam, or have completed the Canadian Securities Course. They must also be licensed, and be registered with an Exempt Market Dealer, creating a level of responsibility that did not exist before. While the Exempt Markets may be a source of alternative funding, it is not completely unregulated.