Filipino Food Choices to Junk Food

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If you are looking for a healthy snack that is able to beat away the hunger pains, then a Filipino food snack from Lutong Filipino might be a great idea.  Here we compare several different junk foods to their Filipino counterparts that are much healthier, and also tasty.

Junk: Doughnuts

Better: Puto

It is nice to get something sweet to go along with your morning java, but there are healthful ways to get that sugar fix. These small cakes are created from rice flour, which will be infinitely healthier than the white flour used in commercial breads and pastries. Since they're steamed, they retain most of the moisture, making them more filling too.

Trash: Milkshakes

Better: Taho

Next to soda and beer, milkshakes are among the unhealthiest drinks invented in our time. Instead, help yourself to a cup of taho – a warm drink created from soft tofu, sweetened with sugar syrup and garnished with sago (tapioca balls). It is a bit heavy, but several times fitter. It is also a lot cheaper-10 pesos will enable you to get a large cup, while a regular milk shake can cost over 100.

Rubbish: Ice cream

Better: Tropical fruits

Often, when you have topped off a great meal with a bowl of ice cream, you find yourself craving again in under an hour. That's how this sweet treat works: it sends a couple of fat down the body, and makes you hungry so that you'll need even more. It's great at children's parties, but on regular days, it merely works up your appetite. If you're craving an after-meal treat, snatch a mango, pineapple or some other fruit instead. Blend them together to create your ownFilipino recipes. Fresh fruits fill you up quickly, so you could check your cravings for more than half the day.  If you have access to exotic fruits, these are also much better for you than food high in fat or calories.

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