Fijis Traditions You Should Know During your Visit

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No doubt that Fiji is home to some of the best beaches, crystal blue waters, water sport activities, tall palm trees and more. But what make Fiji even more amazing is the traditional ceremonies practiced even today. When you visit Fiji, you will find tourists coming over to the local village to experience and witness a few ceremonies. These are some of the ceremonies you should know about.

  1. Yaqona Ceremony – Fiji’s oldest and most anticipated ceremony you will be witnessing will be the Yaqona ceremony. When you are invited by the locals to witness and experience this ceremony, the locals are going to offer you Kava which is their national and local drink. This drink is freshly made out of local pepper plant which is crushed, mixed with water and then served on a coconut shell. You will be asked to sit in a circle during the ceremony where the drink will be offered. The drink is known to cause a kick making your lips and tongue and little numb.
  2. Meke – The Meke is another old and traditional ceremony comprising of traditional dance performance by the locals. Bamboo sticks, gongs, drums along with clap and chants are used during this ceremony. The Meke ceremony is regarded as one of the best ceremonies in Fiji even by the tourists.
  3. Lovo Feast – If you wish to try out local traditional food, then this is the ceremony you do not want to miss out on. With the help of a hole, woods and large stones, the meat is wrapped with the help of banana leaves.

You can experience all these traditions once you vacation here. Be sure to book a Fiji Island resorts all inclusive package to get the most of your vacation.

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