Facts to Know About Roof Insulation

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The roof insulation panels will keep the cold out in the winter without letting your heat escape and the heat out in the summer without letting the cold out.

And this will save you money by conserving the energy put out from your home heating and cooling system, and preventing the water damage from a leaky or poorly insulated roof.

Another best example of a rigid roof panel that can also be installed on a sloped roof is called hunter panels. Check with your manufacturer to find out which kind of roof panel or roof insulation is the right product for you.

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The reason that these roof insulation panels work so well is that they completely cover the entire roof with no gaps making the roof astonishingly air tight.

Other materials used to insulate are loose and end up blowing around and allowing the elements of a home's structure to conduct temperatures into and out of the home or just through the ceiling.

Using roof insulation panels is a great step in reducing your energy bills and keeping your home safe. The next step would be to insulate your entire home with the same rigid foam insulation you used on your roof. 

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