Everything You Need to Know About Personalized Videos?

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When younger we all looked in store aisles, trying to find our names on key chains, chewing gums, etc. We did this because it resonates with us, it’s personalized, something that seems to be made especially for us. This is primarily why people buy personalized products. People like to buy things that are tailored for them.

Now imagine what happens when you combine personalization and videos. You get a marketable experience!

What is a personalized video?

A personalized video is a video that has been tailored for your viewing. A general video that has already been created can be used for this purpose. Or a new one can be commissioned just for this purpose. Using a marketing automation platform, the video will incorporate data that is present on a site. This could include name, job, company title, etc. from say a social media platform like LinkedIn, Google street view image, personal homepage etc.


Next, the video is sent out to people and when they click, it lands them on the page of their personalized video.

The video can be used for marketing campaign or for sales. Cold leads could be reactivated using personalized videos or peak a potential client’s interest.  Research backs this up. A 19% increase in sales is seen when personalized content is used. Conversion rate increases by 10% and click through rate by 14%.

The personalized videos also help in interaction. The company can view that interaction a person has with the video, (that is if they opened it) and that helps them collect additional data.

Therefore, if you are looking to market your product or services, a personalized video is just the answer.

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