Eligibility Criteria For Donating Female Eggs

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Egg donation is a vital fertility treatment generally recommended for couples whose initial reason for infertility is the quality of eggs. The methodology now turns into a practical answer for women infertility. In case you are going to pick this technique, it is wise to know all the more about the egg donation process. You can navigate to dogusfertilityclinic.co.uk/fertility-treatment/egg-donation.html to learn the egg donation procedure in great detail.

egg donation

Donation is a noble activity and organ or gamete donation is noble of all. Most adults, menstruating women were able to donate eggs but for the safety of everyone on certain criteria have been followed.

Following are eligibility criteria to become an egg donor:

1. Age: 21 to 35 is the ideal age. He did not have in over 35 years.

2. Psychological Health: She had to undergo several screening tests that will evaluate the psychological condition. She will be chosen as a donor after making sure he was mentally and psychologically healthy enough to donate their eggs.

3. Other tests: There will be several tests to check whether he has the ability to nourish the eggs. There will be another test to find out if she has inherited the disease.

Is this process safe for the donor?

This surgical procedure does not kill under any circumstances. No major complications, in addition to pain and mild side effects, has been quoted yet fetching eggs. Even the side effects not seen in all cases. However, there is the possibility of unintended injury to blood vessels, uterus and bladder. donors should be made aware of all the risks, even before he agreed to be one.

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