Effective Construction Plan For Building A Chicken Coop

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Chickens need a safe and comfortable home like any other animal. Their home is called a coop. For individuals who need to raise chickens in their yard, it is highly recommended to construct a coop where the birds will be kept safe from bad weather and their predators.

But first, you need to plan well for this particular poultry yard project. Planning means deciding on the number of chickens you will raise the size of your coop, the materials you will use, the design and the location. If this is a first for you, you can start with a few say, chickens and find out the way you are doing as you go along. You can add a few more later on in the event you feel you can manage well. So continue reading this article, since I have placed few tips and plans to build a portable chicken coop.

Other important factors you must take in to consideration are the ventilation and insulation of your coop as well as the lighting. like humans, chickens also feel the heat of the summer season and when proper ventilation is not provided, the birds can get sick. In the event you are constructing a closed coop, you can install vents ideally on the south or facing the east or you can generate giant holes on the north and south areas preferably at the point where the walls meet the roof.

Lighting is as vital. Keep in mind in your Science subject in the simple grades, you were taught that plants and animals need light, water and air to live. Chickens, therefore, need natural light as often as they can. In the event you are going to put your coop in a dark or shaded area, build a structure that has openings to permit sunlight to enter or you can also install lighting fixtures for your birds.

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