Dressing Women the Celebrity Way

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This autumn a number of major women's celebrities have turned their talents to creating their own dress labels. Whilst their high-profile might be alluring to the consumers buying these women's dresses, there are as many failures as there are successes. It is interesting to know why celebrity looks are unable to add the spark to flagging sales.

Recently, Vogue editor Anna Wintour said she felt the age of the women's celebrity designer would die out soon. It has become excessive, and Kate Moss, Madonna, Lilly Allen have all had a shot, with varied success.You can also visit http://www.thecoolhour.com/shop-alice-mccall/ to browse celeb like dresses.

The more cynical suggest Anna Wintour makes comments to advertise her magazine, but she is just being honest. Did you ever see any of Serena Williams designs? She lacked commercial ideas and it turned out to be a personal ambition fulfilled. It is refreshing to have as many designs as possible because then we can be objective.

Kate Moss could be the success story of AW09 with some smart dresses, or it may prove to be especially self-indulgent. She appears to have commanded a lot of the designers to build a range of women's dresses for the Autumn, hardly her own pieces but I am sure they will be a success and is a testament to the power of the celebrity.

Celebs are the major tastemakers and we should not undervalue their influence on mainstream fashion and particularly women's dress styles. However I think it's healthy for celebs to play with other celebs, competition would only make designers work harder and create a unique stuff, which in the end is good for fashion.

All the signs point to a huge Autumn for Miss Moss and her dresses and skirts range. After the impact of the 25th London Fashion Week, and with the prime minister focussing a lot of the media's attention on London's classic styles, UK fashions are frequently relevant.

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